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Online G3 offers accelerated and engaging online humanities classes for gifted students. As a mother of a gifted child, the founder of Guinevere's Gifted Group understands that younger children may be ready for the challenges of junior high and high school content, but still desire age-appropriate activities and accommodations for varied learning styles, as well as social interaction with true peers.

Photo courtesy of PhotoXpress.comAt G3, we believe it is important to:

  • empower parents to place their children into challenging classes defined by abilities, not ages
  • give parents the authority to customize their children's learning experiences
  • allow asynchronous learners to participate in classes that expand their minds without the demands of intensive writing assignments
  • encourage critical thinking and creative expression
  • engage visual and auditory learners alike
  • allow gifted children to advance through curricula at an accelerated pace
  • provide online peer interaction through monitored discussion boards and live webinars
  • make learning FUN!


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Important Dates

Spring Semester 2014: 1/21-5/23

First Day of Class: 
Tuesday 1/21

Mid-Winter Break:
Tuesday 3/4 - Friday 3/7

Spring Break:
Monday 4/14 - Friday 4/18

Last Day of Class:
Friday 5/23 

Summer Session 2014: 6/30-7/7

Full 6-week session begins: 
Monday 6/30

First 3-week session begins: 
Monday 6/30

Second 3-week session begins: 
Monday 7/21

Fall Semester 2014: 8/18-12/19

First Day of Class: 
Wednesday 8/20

Fall Break:
Wednesday 9/17 - Friday 9/19

Thanksgiving Break:
Monday 11/24 - Friday 11/28

Last Day of Class:
Friday 12/19