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Writing With Sources


Writing With Sources is an intermediate essay class that assumes students are already proficient with common essay forms and are ready to think more critically about the sources they consult, quote, and cite.

Before taking this class, students should be able to:

  • Construct grammatically correct sentences
  • Use punctuation correctly when writing
  • Follow written directions consistently
  • Read nonfiction carefully
  • Accept criticism and advice on writing
  • Give constructive critique to others when clear criteria are set
  • Read nonfiction both for content and for structure
  • Create a strong thesis statement
  • Organize essays in logical order
  • Craft essays that describe, define, explain, narrate, analyze, synthesize, compare and contrast, argue and persuade
  • Write introductions that draw a reader in and present a thesis
  • Write effective conclusions that do more than summarize an argument
  • Write with a formal, academic voice
  • Revise thoroughly

During this class, students will learn to:

  • Read and analyze complex essays for both content and structure
  • Respond to essays, agreeing, disagreeing, or agreeing with a difference
  • Summarize essays and other sources
  • Paraphrase portions of essays and other sources
  • Use quoted material correctly and effectively
  • Differentiate the voice of another from their own voice when writing (they say versus I say)
  • Find credible and useful sources for use in academic writing
  • Cite, using MLA, those sources both in a works cited section in within an essay
  • Examine many sides of a complex issue and write about that issue without bias
  • Recognize common logical fallacies
  • Use figurative language and literary devices in writing

For more information, please see the full course description.

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