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Do G3 classes have age requirements?

Most G3 classes are open to all ages. Classes are grouped by ability and content, rather than chronological age.

To be successful in G3 classes, students should be fluent readers, able to type with some ease, and comfortable with basic web technology. The youngest students may need parental assistance during webinars to manage certain tasks.

Some classes are designated as “Teen Focus” classes to provide a supportive and collaborative atmosphere for gifted teens. These classes are designed for highly and profoundly gifted students ages 12 and up. In some cases, returning G3 students of exceptional skill and maturity who meet the prerequisites may request exceptions to age guidelines.

G3 does not enroll students older than age 18.

My son is in 7th grade. Can he take high school literature?

Yes!  Most G3 families are seeking acceleration options for their students.  We welcome young students into our advanced classes if they meet the prerequisites and are ready to learn the material.  Grade level designations in class descriptions are provided only to assist parents in understanding the challenge level of the class.

What is the average age of a G3 student?

Most G3 students are highly and profoundly gifted children and teens between the ages of 8 and 18.  Introductory classes typically have students between the ages of 8 and 13, while Teen Focus classes have students between the ages of 12 and 18.

How do I prove that my child is gifted?

No proof of giftedness is required for enrollment at G3.  Research has shown that “parents are much better able than teachers to identify giftedness in their children.”  At G3, we trust that parents know their children best.

Are G3 courses self-paced?

No. At G3 we believe that learning is a social activity, so we design courses that allow groups of gifted students to proceed through courses together at an accelerated pace. Live weekly webinars help students stay on target.  Webinars are recorded for those who must miss a live session, but regular attendance is recommended.

Is participation in the live webinars required?

The live weekly webinar is an essential element of the learning community at G3, so regular attendance is highly recommended.  During this 50-minute period, students have opportunities to learn and collaborate with their fellow students and receive feedback from the instructor.  If your child must miss a webinar, it is critical that he/she watch the recorded session as soon as possible. All sessions are recorded and recordings become available soon after the live class ends.

When do live webinars take place?

Live webinars begin on the hour and end approximately 50 minutes after the hour.  Class times are listed on the webinar schedule page.  Please note that all times are listed for the Pacific time zone.  Please translate these times to your local time zone using a tool such as  G3 observes Daylight Savings Time, so you may need to adjust your local times when we “spring forward” or “fall back.”

How many students are in each G3 class?

Most G3 webinar sections have between 10 and 18 students to allow ample opportunities for student participation and rich discourse. The average class size is 16. For asynchronous assignments, students are combined in a single classroom to increase the variety of responses in written discussion forums.

What is the parent’s role in G3 classes?

At G3 we believe that parents should remain in control of their children’s educational paths. We encourage parents to assist their students with technical requirements, weekly assignments, and classroom participation as needed to ensure the student’s success. Internet access is required for most assignments, and while the content that G3 directs your students to has been selected for appropriate academic content, parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are supervised when navigating the internet.  G3 cannot be held responsible for inappropriate content accessed by your student.

To learn more, see our page on how G3 classes work.

What is the teacher’s role in G3 classes?

The G3 instructor does not take on the traditional educator’s role of “sage on the stage.”  Instead, the G3 instructor acts as a “guide on the side.”  G3 teachers collaborate with students to construct a unique learning experience in every class.  The teacher’s primary role is to facilitate learning, pose thoughtful questions for discussion, and clarify misunderstandings.  We believe that students can learn much from each other, and teachers can learn from students, as well.

To learn more, see our page on how G3 classes work.

How can I register my child for classes?

If you are registering as an independent family, please follow the steps described on the For Families page. If you are part of a charter school and wish to use charter school funds to pay for your classes, please also consult the For Schools page.

As you add selected classes to your cart, please note that you will need to check out separately for each student in your family so we can collect essential data (name, email address, etc.) about each of your students and make sure that we associate the correct classes with each student.

If there are questions about your registration, a G3 instructor will be in touch shortly. Otherwise, you can expect to receive details about accessing the course 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester.

When do classes open for registration?

Registration for summer and fall classes usually begins in March or April.  Registration for spring classes usually begins in October or November. Early enrollment is encouraged as classes can fill quickly!  To receive advance notification of registration dates, please join our low-volume email list.

What if the class I want is full?

Join the waitlist!  Spaces often become available as family schedules change.  Also, if there is enough interest in a full class, G3 can sometimes open a second section of that class to accommodate more students.  We do our best to find space for every interested student.

What is your refund policy?

Registration fees are always nonrefundable.  Tuition fees are 90% refundable if a refund request is submitted via email at least 14 days before the first class webinar.  After that date, a 50% tuition refund is available if a refund request is submitted via email before the third live webinar begins.  No refunds are available for any reason after the third live webinar of the class.

We want every student to be appropriately challenged at Online G3, so if you feel your child is misplaced in the G3 class levels, please contact us as early as possible to discuss potential solutions.  Changes to a student’s class schedule after the semester has begun may be possible, but will be subject to availability of appropriate course(s) and require instructor approval.

NOTE: Self-paced “Learn About” lesson packs have no set start date, so the refund periods vary slightly. Fees are 90% refundable within 14 days of registration, provided that the student has accessed no more than 10% of the course material. A 50% refund is available within 30 days of registration, provided that the student(s) has accessed no more than 25% of the course material. No refunds are available once 30 days have passed or the student(s) has accessed more than 25% of the material.

What qualifications do G3 teachers have?

All G3 instructors have Bachelor’s degrees and relevant teaching experience.  Most instructors also have Master’s degrees and have raised and homeschooled gifted children of their own.  Read more about our instructors.

Is Online G3 a secular program?

G3 welcomes students of all faiths, or no faith, into all classes.  All classes are taught from an entirely secular perspective.  Religion is discussed only as it relates to an author’s background or when it is of historical or literary significance. You may wish to read our Mission Statement to better understand the G3 approach. If you have questions about how our classes may fit with your family’s worldview, please contact us.

Will G3 classes transfer to my child’s school?

Perhaps. Online G3 is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Most North American schools and colleges recognize this accrediting agency and will accept credits from approved programs like G3. However, we cannot guarantee transferability. Please contact your home school for more guidance.  If we can assist you with documentation to seek credit with your school, please let us know.

What materials are required for my child’s course?

Please refer to individual course descriptions to view the required materials and acquire books for your student’s course. Some resources, such as Brainpop subscriptions, Discovery Streaming access, and Voicethread access, are provided by G3.

How much writing is required of my student?

To accommodate asynchronous and 2E learners, most G3 assignments require only minimal writing to communicate ideas in the class discussion forums. We find that students naturally improve their writing skills as they communicate with classmates in this way.  Many assignments include creative alternatives to the traditional essay to allow students to display their knowledge in their preferred style.

However, students who enroll in the optional writing supplements or writing-specific classes will have explicit writing requirements.

How much time should my child spend on homework?

Time spent on asynchronous assignments varies greatly depending on the student’s skills and interests.  The online class format is intended to allow students to control their own learning.  A student may delve deeply into one topic while moving through another topic more quickly.  We encourage students to design their own learning in this way.

In recent end-of-semester surveys, we have asked students to report the approximate time they have dedicated to individual courses each week. While the answers range widely, we have averaged their responses and included these estimates in our course descriptions. Please see the “Additional Information” tab on any course of interest in our course catalog to view these and other details.

Should my child read the books before class begins?

Pre-reading is not expected or required.  However, if a student wishes to read ahead, that is always acceptable at G3.  Some students prefer to enjoy a novel in its entirety before beginning to discuss and analyze it with classmates.

Will my child receive letter grades at G3?

We feel that the pressure of being graded destroys gifted students’ intrinsic love of learning so we do not offer graded courses as of June 2018.  Instead, we ask students to explore their interests and customize their own paths through our coursework. However, students can always keep track of their class achievements by viewing progress bars, course checklists, and earned badges. In addition, all students who complete a minimum of 75% of required assignments can earn a Certificate of Completion.

If you have a specific need for a traditional grade please contact us with details of your unique situation and we will try to provide you with appropriate guidance.

How will my child be motivated to learn at G3?

At G3, we do our best to make the material interesting so that students will be excited to do their homework.  We also have a gamified system of badges and experience points that encourage students to spend time in their classes, work on assignments, and participate fully in live webinars. You can learn more on our page about how G3 courses work.

How do I know if my student is learning?

Ask your students about their classes.  Log in with your students’ usernames to view their progress.  Sit with your student during live webinars.  Learning is not measured only in grades and percentages.  G3 instructors are continuously assessing student understanding with subtle activities during the live webinars.  If you have questions about your student’s progress, please contact us. You may also want to read more about how G3 courses work.

What is G3’s position on cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying (here defined as bullying that takes place using electronic technology — devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites) is not allowed or tolerated at G3.  Students who are found to have bullied another G3 student may receive a warning or be removed from classes (without a refund) depending on the severity of the offense.  Learn more about cyberbullying, how to report it and how to prevent it.

What are the technical requirements for G3 courses?

◦A working microphone or headset is required for all live webinars. Headsets are strongly encouraged to reduce echo.

◦PC, Macintosh, or Chromebook with internet access and a supported browser (Chrome 30.0+ is recommended) to participate in courses. Please note: Safari is NOT a supported browser!

◦High-speed internet is strongly recommended.

◦The live webinars require compatibility with Adobe Connect. Please visit Adobe Connect Support to test your system.

◦In addition, some web tools have additional plug-in requirements, such as Flash, Java, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or Quicktime.

◦Webcams are NOT required as G3 classes do not include live video feeds of students or teachers.

◦Most activities, including live webinars, are also compatible with Apple and Android tablets and smartphones! Students who wish to attend live webinars on mobile Android and Apple devices must first download and install the free Adobe Connect app. Students can then browse to the G3 classroom via their mobile browser and click the live webinar link to launch the app!

What is Online G3’s privacy policy?

The complete Online G3 Online Privacy Policy can be found here. You may also be interested in reading the Direct Notice to Parents.

Help! My student can’t hear in the webinar!

Students experiencing difficulty during a live session will need to get a parent’s help take the following steps to troubleshoot:

  • Go through Audio Setup Wizard in the live webinar – this solves most issues
  • If the student still cannot hear/speak, quit the live webinar software, restart the computer, and try again. If using external speakers or headset, please make sure all components are plugged in and turned on before entering the live webinar.
  • Test audio with other programs, for example, play a Youtube video or record sound with Vocaroo to determine if the issue is G3-specific, or a problem with the computer components.
  • If audio works with other programs, but the student still cannot hear or speak in the live webinar, please contact Adobe Connect tech support (1-800-422-3623) for additional assistance.

Students can also click the “Help” button in Moodle to see more troubleshooting tips and to request assistance from G3. However, please note that teachers cannot stop live webinars to address technical issues.

How does my child log in?

Usernames and passwords for the G3 classroom are emailed to students approximately one week before live webinars begin. If your child has not received this information, please help your child check the spam folder.

If you still cannot find these details, don’t worry! Usernames and password can always be retrieved from the G3 classroom by clicking the “Forgotten Username or Password” link on the login page. Please be sure to enter the student email address that was used for registration. All G3 classroom accounts are tied to the student’s unique email address.

Most included services are accessible via single sign-on from the G3 classroom. Instructions to access these services via single sign-on or with a password are always available in the orientation classroom.

What proof of course completion is available?

Students who complete a minimum of 75% of required coursework can download completion certificates from their classrooms in the last week of the course.

In addition, families may want to download work samples to retain with the student’s educational records. Please contact us if you need assistance downloading a report of coursework completed.

These certificates disappear when courses are archived before the next session, so please make sure your student downloads all certificates and coursework promptly! Courses are typically archived approximately 3 weeks after the last webinar.

Is Online G3 accredited?

Yes!  G3 is accredited as a Supplementary Education Program by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Please see our accreditation page to learn more.

Are G3 classes a-g approved?

Online G3 is approved by the University of California as an a-g online course publisher through spring 2019 ONLY. You can find G3’s a-g course list on the University of California website. To ensure proper credit, the student’s home school MUST add the appropriate G3 classes to their own a-g course list. When families register for courses, please be sure to select the upgrade to add a writing supplement to the course.

Please note that the student’s home school makes the final grade and credit award determination. G3 cannot guarantee that any particular courses, grades, or credits will be accepted by any other educational entity.

As of fall 2019, G3 will not offer any a-g approved classes.

Does G3 accept charter school funds?

Online G3 is an approved vendor with several California charter schools. Please see our page about registration for schools to learn more.

How do I select the right courses for my child?

Start by reviewing our Placement and Progression pages. These charts will give you a sense of the recommended paths through G3 courses. Then read the course descriptions for classes of interest, paying special attention to the “Additional Information” section for details on pacing and prerequisites.

Please keep in mind that acceleration is encouraged at G3! The grade levels marked on courses are intended as challenge levels, not age markers. Also, note that G3 classes are offered a la carte, so families can mix and match levels as needed for asynchronous learners.

Still not sure? Contact us for assistance.

Can my child attend webinars on a mobile device?

Yes! Most activities, including live webinars, are also compatible with Apple and Android tablets and smartphones! Students who wish to attend live webinars on mobile Android and Apple devices must first download and install the free Adobe Connect app. Students can then browse to the G3 classroom via their mobile browser and click the live webinar link to launch the app!

Webinar recordings are Flash-based, and are therefore inaccessible on most mobile devices. If your student needs to watch a recorded webinar rather than attend live, please plan on using a laptop or desktop computer for the time being.

Will G3 courses prepare students for AP or SAT Subject tests?

G3 classes do not include explicit test preparation materials or assignments. However, G3 classes labeled as “Advanced” use books and materials that are frequently used in AP and college classes across North America. Many G3 students take these Advanced class and do additional test prep work outside of class to prepare for the corresponding AP and SAT Subject exams. If you are considering using a G3 class to prepare for an AP exam, please note that the G3 spring semester ends in mid-May, after most AP tests are scheduled. Your student may need to work ahead to feel prepared for the exam.


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